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Popular treasure hunt venues in the UK

  1  UK flag  London
  2  UK flag  Oxford
  3  UK flag  Edinburgh
  4  UK flag  Bath
  5  UK flag  Belfast

Popular treasure hunt venues in Europe

  1  France  Paris
  2  Portugal  Lisbon
  3  Italy  Rome
  4  Germany  Berlin
  5  Hungary  Budapest

What's the Occasion?


Conference activity treasure hunt, Copenhagen, Microsoft Corporation

“The aim of our Copenhagen Treasure Hunt was to build teamwork amongst individuals across the globe who work together, but only usually communicate by conference call and e-mail. We’re a competitive bunch. Planning, leadership, problem-solving and decision making skills were put to the test with an interesting mix of questions, locations and puzzles! Good fun was had by all”

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How to choose a reputable treasure hunt provider

X Marks The Spot has redefined treasure huntsYou want your event to be fun and memorable, but there's much more to organising a treasure hunt than many people realise.

Do it yourself without the time or expertise or ask a well-meaning friend to 'put something together' and you could end up with your treasure hunt being remembered for all the wrong reasons - which can be a bit embarrassing among colleagues and friends.

Equally, if you are contemplating buying a treasure hunt, don't assume that all treasure hunts and all treasure hunt suppliers are the same and that price is the only differentiator. Buyer beware! - choose the wrong company to supply your treasure hunt and it could also be memorable for the wrong reasons as well as being a waste of money.

What you can expect from X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot has always had great feedback from happy clients, so we know what potential treasure hunt customers like you expect and deserve. Here are the ten main reasons previous clients told us they chose X Marks The Spot. This isn't to brag about what we do - but simply to highlight what you can expect when you deal with us.

If you're shopping around for a treasure hunt provider feel free to use this checklist - and remember, caveat emptor!


Click any numbered bar below to reveal more details.

1.   Free honest advice - to help you choose an event that's right for you

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Put you first?
  • Work really hard to understand your group, your needs and requirements?
  • Listen?
  • Demonstrate insight, flexibility, practicality, experience and rationale when discussing what might and might not work for your group’s size, needs, preferences, ability, destination and budget?
  • Have staff who have management experience in a broad range of commercial, public sector and charity environments in the UK and overseas, and so who are able to put themselves in the corporate customer’s shoes?
  • Demonstrate an attention to detail and quality in their proposals and communications?
  • Support you in putting a case together to secure funding internally for your event?
  • Provide clear quotations and Service Level Agreements that state what the price is and what’s included in terms of service, facilities, equipment and staffing?

2.  Unrivalled experience and specialist skills in treasure hunt design

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Specialise in providing treasure hunts?
  • Design and write the treasure hunts themselves?
  • Produce custom-made treasure hunts based entirely on your needs - and so isn’t solely a one-trick-pony with a same format, one-size fits all, formulaic approach?
  • Provide a range of different styles and types of clues, as the best way to involve a wide range of participants with different needs?
  • Go out of the way to incorporate special requests?
  • Build measures of success into the event if required?
  • Provide a choice of ready-made treasure hunts across the UK & Europe as an alternative to a custom-made event?

3.  In-depth destination knowledge

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Have a solid travel industry and hospitality background?
  • Really know the area you’ll be going to and the logistics of getting around?
  • Research and appreciate the culture, customs, history and nuances of your destination so you get an event that reflects these and not one that is solely based on what they saw on a quick walk around?
  • Have the ability to communicate with local people in their language?
  • Have partnerships and relationships with local tourist information offices, agencies and tour operators?
  • Keep abreast of local events or changes at the destination so they can advise you of good or poor times to visit, devise topical clues and ensure clues remain up-to- date?
  • Have the wherewithal and contacts to produce an event in a ‘new’ destination?
  • Maintain a good knowledge of flight and travel options, hotels, transfers, local transport, venues and restaurants and have the ability to book these on your behalf if need be?

4.  Choice and flexibility

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Let you choose from custom-made and ready-made alternatives?
  • Personalise or brand the materials if preferred?
  • Devise clues specific to those taking part or theme the treasure hunt if desired?
  • Handle special requests?
  • Adapt the wording of cryptic clues so as not to put non-native English speakers at a disadvantage?
  • Provide multilingual versions of treasure hunts if necessary?
  • Offer events where you are not constrained to start at a particular point or time?
  • Provide a fully facilitated service as well as the option to run the treasure hunt yourself if you prefer?

5.  Event management by experienced and  qualified professionals

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Have qualified project management professionals in-house who can work with you to plan your event and mitigate risks?
  • Have trained event management professionals in-house who are good with people and who can fully manage your event on the day if required, facilitate break-out sessions if needed, present professionally and calmly deal with issues as they arise?

6.  Insurance and peace of mind

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Have adequate liability insurance?
  • Take adequate steps to put the safety of participants first, both in the design of the event and its management on the day?
  • Have an established track record of trading successfully, ideally over 10 years?
  • Have clear Terms & Conditions?
  • Agree a contract with you for the service to be provided?
  • Offer to put you in touch with previous clients?

7.  Deal direct

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Allow you to deal direct with them, so you can discuss products and destinations first hand and how treasure hunts might be customised to your needs?
  • Save you money by avoiding agent commissions?

8.  Easy to do business with

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Provide an informative and credible website?
  • Offer contact by email and phone?
  • Promptly and courteously respond to your enquiries?
  • Give you a single consistent point of contact?
  • Enable you to buy treasure hunts online, simply and securely?
  • Offer a choice of payment methods suitable for business and private clients?
  • Offer a choice of ways for you to receive your treasure hunt?

9.  Strong values and ethics

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Operate a privacy policy?
  • Actively consider green issues in operating their business and in their treasure hunt design?
  • Demonstrate professionalism, integrity, passion, flexibility, subject matter knowledge, can-do attitude, personal touch, reliability, quality and service?

10. Happy customers

Does your treasure hunt provider:

  • Have evidence that their treasure hunts work - through an established client base, good feedback and repeat business?


Of course, don't just take our word for all of this. Read what our customers say.

Happy hunting around - and we hope you come back to us for the hunt proper!


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