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CityExplorer® - Fun Self-run City Mystery Tours

CityExplorer® Travel GuideA self-guided sightseeing travel guide with a twist for the tourist, visitor, couple, family or small group that wants to stay together.

Britain and the rest of Europe are bursting with great places to explore independently - but with so much to see and do where do you start?

How can you get to grips with the scale and beauty of capital cities like London, see what there is to see in Rome with limited time, leave no stone unturned in Paris and generally get the best out of your time as a visitor, tourist or day tripper?

And how can you still have fun even if you're on a budget?

Enough questions. You'll find the answers where X Marks The Spot™.

How the Mystery Tours work

Our self-guided CityExplorer® Mystery Tours introduce you to 16 great locations in a way like no other. Ideal for first time visitors but equally suited to any returning curious traveller who wants a new angle and perspective on somewhere they've been before.

We give you a map and a series of clues, questions and puzzles that send you on a journey of discovery of your chosen location's past and present.

It's a fun way to get your bearings, see major sights and start to absorb the flavour and diversity of some of the UK & Europe's visitor hotspots.

The Mystery Tour isn't a dull trail with a fixed start and end point. You'll have to work out the optimum route, decipher clues that guide you to the key city sights, landmarks and places you didn’t even know existed, then crack the final code.

You'll need your senses, powers of lateral thinking and resourcefulness.

CityExplorer® is suitable for a single 'intact' group of up to 5 people - including tourists, visitors, locals, couples and families.

The Mystery Tour is a fun and novel way to find your way around and to dive headlong into arguably the best of what the UK and Europe have to offer.

Who knows what you'll see or who you'll meet along the way? That is the mystery. And the journey is the reward.

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Key Features

  • Off-the-shelf, self-guided sightseeing with a twist for up to 5 people to enjoy together
  • Have fun exploring Rome, London, Paris, Belfast, Windsor and more
  • Solve clues at landmarks and off the beaten track
  • Popular with families, visitors, locals & tourists
  • Buy online

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