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OutSmart® Interactive Hunt
Outsmart the Opposition
Solve. Find. Enjoy. Together.
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OutSmart® : Hi-tech treasure hunt event package on smartphone and tablet

smartphone treasure hunt packagesWhat is an OutSmart® Hunt?

An interactive game of exploration, strategy, tactics, creativity and fun against the clock and other teams, using smartphones or tablets.

Where does it take place?

In over 60 great locations across 18 countries. See the list on the right.

Who can take part?

Any group of friends or colleagues, split into teams of up to 5 people each.

Which mobile devices are needed?

Our app works on iPhone and Android smartphones and on iPad and Android tablets with SIM cards. Devices can be hired from us or you can save money by using your own smartphones/tablets if you prefer.

This is the only treasure hunt on the market where you can have as many mobile devices per team as you want - and at no extra game charge - allowing team members to easily share information, interact and multi-task. What's more each team can have a mix of smartphones and tablets making using your own mobile devices an attractive option.

When can we do it?

Any day of the week, subject to availability. Start times are available from 9 a.m to 7 p.m. at half hour intervals and you can choose a 90 minute, 120 minute or 150 minute version - making it ideal for a morning, lunch time, afternoon or after work activity.

What's so good about OutSmart® Interactive Treasure Hunts?

What does it cost?

  1 hour 30 minutes
(plus 15 mins set up)
2 hours
(plus 15 mins set up)
2 hours 30 minutes
(plus 15 mins set up)
2 teams £549 £749 £949
3 teams £699 £899 £1099
4 teams £849 £1049 £1249
More than 4 On request On request On request

Prices are subject to VAT. Maximum 5 people per team. 1 mobile device required per team - though additional phones or tablets may be used for no additional game charge. A mix of tablets and smartphones per team is also allowed. Smartphones and tablets are available for hire if required - please enquire before booking.

What else do I need to know?

Read full details of how OutSmart® works. This provides answers to frequently asked questions including more information on the types of mobile device supported.

Book now

We're now taking bookings for OutSmart® Hunts between Sat 3rd September 2022 and Sat 29th October 2022 inclusive. (If you'd like to have an event before or after this period then please contact us).

Complete the form below and select 'Book now' to submit your booking request and payment. We will contact you to confirm your event. On the rare occasions when it is not possible to confirm, we will contact you and you may choose an alternative date/time. If there is no suitable alternative you will not be charged.

The Overall Duration of your event includes up to 15 minutes for teams to set up their smartphones/tablets in advance of the hunt proper. At your chosen start time, our facilitator will provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to do this.

Please click in each box in turn below to make your selection, then click 'Book now'.

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OutSmart® Hunt

  High Wycombe
  London (City of)
  London (Richmond)
  London (South Bank)
  London (West End)
  St Andrews

Prefer somewhere else? Get a Hi-tech Hunt in any location - or in multiple locations at once! (ideal when everyone can't physically get to the same place).

OutSmart® Hunt
Key Features

  • Interactive photographic scavenger hunt for 2 or more teams.
  • Tackle missions, capture proof, score points.
  • Outsmart the opposition - react to a live leaderboard and track your opponents' missions during the hunt.
  • Available in over 60 popular city locations across the UK & Europe.
  • Choose 90, 120 or 150 minutes duration.
  • Use your own iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or Android tablet.
  • Have as many devices per team as you want at no extra charge.
  • Remote facilitation included.
  • Book your date/time slot and buy online.

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