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Wedding Day
Treasure Hunt

Wedding day treasure hunt in Copenhagen

“We were very lucky with the weather. The treasure hunt was very successful and everyone really enjoyed it. Teams did really well with the items to collect including a lottery ticket, but sadly we only won £5! Overall we were really pleased that the treasure hunt kept our families occupied and as it gave them something in common to talk about it definitely worked as a bonding exercise!”

What did the bride's family and groom's family get up to?

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Give a Treasure Hunt as a Wedding present

Christmas present

A fun and unusual present for anyone who enjoys city breaks, puzzles and exploring outdoors. Great for sharing and gives the couple six months to decide where to go.

Mystery Tour for 1-5 people.

Treasure Hunt for 4 or more.

Treasure Hunts for Wedding Guest Entertainment

A wedding is all about the bride, but more and more couples getting married want to make sure that their guests have an equally good day to remember.

All too often there's a lot of time wasted just hanging around while the official wedding photographs are being taken and sometimes hours between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Also there often isn't very much that brings the respective families and guests of the bride and groom together.

All that is changing. X Marks The Spot™ provide fun treasure hunts for weddings.

Treasure hunts before or after the wedding reception

Make good use of free time on or around the wedding day and have fun on a treasure hunt.

If you're getting married in the UK or Europe then guests might be arriving in advance of the day or staying on afterwards. Or there may be a few hours between the ceremony and reception. Either way you may want to keep guests entertained but may not be available yourself. A ready made treasure hunt could be the answer.

Find out about our 40 ready made treasure hunts across the UK and Europe. There could be one close to your wedding venue or reception.

The information that you would normally send out with a wedding invitation - such as hotels and places to stay - could also include the option to take part in a treasure hunt.

Once you know the level of interest then you can easily order the team packs online in advance. Alternatively you could just point guests in the direction of xmarksthespot.co.uk and let them organise the treasure hunt themselves.

However you do it, a wedding day treasure hunt is certainly different, and a great talking point.

Treasure hunts at the wedding reception

A treasure hunt at the reception venue is an increasingly popular way to get guests interacting before the meal and it keeps the kids and younger guests amused at the same time.

The treasure hunt is custom made and the clues are set in and around the venue or hotel where the reception is taking place. Typically the treasure hunt is done on foot and clue locations and challenges are chosen bearing in mind that some guests may be in their 'Sunday best'.

Assisted by input from the bride and groom or families beforehand, X Marks The Spot can construct clues to include not only information about the happy couple but about guests too, making it a great way to break the ice by getting guests chatting and mingling.

The treasure hunt is usually of short duration, self-run (normally by an usher or Master of Ceremonies) and with a single final answer so there is no answer marking to do.

The treasure hunt can be co-ordinated with the wedding theme and colour scheme if desired. Options can include guests working out which table they're sitting at for dinner or the final answer or something special could be hidden in the wedding cake which would be revealed when the cake is cut later! If you can imagine it, we can design it - anywhere.

Read more about MadeToMeasure® treasure hunts or contact us using the enquiry form on this page to find out how we can help you.

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Make the bride's big day extra special

Wedding bells

Give your treasure hunt a theme or have the clues relate to the bride, the groom and even the guests.

Turn a special day into an even more memorable experience with a personalised custom made treasure hunt.