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Oxford Treasure Hunt for Business

Team building events
  • Building team bonds & relationships
  • Celebrating success & rewarding good work
  • Coping with business & organisational change
  • Building trust & teamwork with partners & suppliers
  • Service failure recovery with a key customer
  • Tackling team issues or business problems
  • Assisting with recruitment & selection
  • Corporate entertainment & corporate hospitality
  • Assessing & developing skills or behaviours
  • A break off-site during demanding work
  • Project initiation and team formation
  • Collaborative working between teams
  • Time out for delegates at conferences & meetings
  • Team seeking to mix business and pleasure

Teamwork with a Twist

Rubiks cube

“This was a unique way for our team to experience the importance of thinking outside the box and adapting quickly to changing situations. The teams quickly understood how essential it is for us to pull together and collaborate to be successful”

The Walt Disney Corporation

Did the teams get animated? Find out what happened when team building met change management.

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Business Treasure Hunt Case Studies

Corporate Events & Team Building in Oxford

Oxford corporate treasure hunt for corporate events, corporate entertainment and corporate hospitalityTeamwork and co-operation are essential in business, travel broadens the mind, and work needs an element of fun to be enjoyable.

These were the principles that first prompted X Marks The Spot to provide team building treasure hunts in Oxford to companies who shared our philosophy.

Fifteen years on those founding principles remain unchanged, our passion remains and today X Marks The Spot™ has an enviable reputation for devising and running a variety of imaginative, participative corporate treasure hunts in Oxford and across the UK & Europe.

Oxford Treasure Hunts for Corporate team building, Corporate entertainment and Corporate hospitality

From household names to small enterprise, from pharmaceutical to finance and from private to public sector, our Oxford treasure hunts have helped a diverse range of companies to celebrate success, tackle organisational change, seek new business, develop staff, build teams, promote products and strengthen business relationships.

Some of these companies are based in Oxford or have branches there, others are visiting Oxford because they have key suppliers or customers in Oxford or Oxfordshire, and some simply choose Oxford as somewhere suitable for a corporate event to involve and entertain staff, partners or clients.

While the businesses may be diverse, and their reasons for being in Oxford differ, what they have in common is that they value and invest in their own people, appreciate the worth of good relationships with customers and suppliers and understand the need to motivate and manage teams.

Three types of Oxford treasure hunt for corporate groups and team events

Treasure hunts are a genuine team activity suitable for all ages, abilities and mobilities - making them one of the most inclusive team activities available.

X Marks The Spot offer a choice of Oxford treasure hunt depending on your needs and budget and the extent to which you might want the event customised based on where you'll be in Oxford, the purpose of the event and how long you'd like the activity to last.

ReadyCityGo® Challenge in Oxford

This is a 'ready-made' self-run team event designed to meet the general needs of most independent groups seeking a treasure hunt in Oxford.

For corporate events in Oxford the ReadyCityGo® treasure hunt is perhaps best as a social activity for colleagues, corporate entertainment or as a conference break-out or team building activity where you are prepared to fit the product to your needs.

MadeToMeasure® Treasure Hunt in Oxford

Our custom made treasure hunt is popular for corporate events in Oxford because it recognises that individual business groups have individual needs.

Every aspect of the event is designed to fit the profile of your group, your location in Oxford, your timetable and your requirements - making it suitable for all imaginable corporate scenarios from team building to corporate entertainment and from free time at conferences to corporate hospitality.

A MadeToMeasure® treasure hunt can take place anywhere and can be on foot or any mode of transport. Your team event can last as long as you want, start and end where you want and can be integrated into your timetable and other plans. The treasure hunt can have any format or theme and can be corporately branded with your logo for example. The clues are written for the group's needs, interests and abilities and can include a corporate angle if you wish. The type and range of clues will ensure no-one will feel left out.

You have the choice to run the event yourself or you can leave it to X Marks The Spot to be in Oxford to take care of everything from start to finish.

Smartphone Scavenger Hunt in Oxford

Quite simply, Oxford's most sought-after team event.

A fun, unique, high-tech and highly-interactive team building challenge where teams must track and outsmart their rivals to win!

Teams use our clever app to access and complete a wide range of challenging missions.

GPS, a live scoreboard and a real-time feed of opponents' answers allows each team to track where their rivals are, how they're doing and what they're doing - and then decide how they'll respond!

It's the most radical change that treasure hunting has ever seen, pioneered by the experts at X Marks The Spot. Does your team have the creativity and tactical nous to win the day?

Themed if required. Can be run with or without a facilitator present. Option to use own phones. Any number of phones per team.

Oxford treasure hunts with local expertise

Our Oxford treasure hunts are crafted with the help of local people who know Oxford well and who make it their business to keep abreast of seasonal events and changes around the city. This ensures that all our Oxford treasure hunts are always fresh, interesting and topical.

Contact us using the simple enquiry form on this page to find out how we can help you with your corporate event in Oxford.

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Low cost team building in Oxford

The Oxford event that fits around you

Custom made corporate treasure hunts

MadeToMeasure® is popular because it's flexible and it works. Any location. Self-run or Full service management.

Get a treasure hunt custom made to fit your group, location and schedule in Oxford

Hi-tech team building in Oxford

Smartphone treasure hunt

Need a business treasure hunt? Get one that's the business. The next generation of Treasure Hunt is here - on iPhone and Android. Ready-made or Bespoke.

Find out about our exciting smartphone treasure hunts