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Students raise funds for Comic Relief

Fundraising treasure hunt

It didn't set out to raise money, but find out how a treasure hunt helped a good cause.


“Just wanted to let you know that despite having to battle with probably one of the most miserable days of the year last Wednesday, where it just rained relentlessly all day and night, the London South Bank treasure hunt you designed still went ahead and was a great success. We had nine teams of five participate, and return heroically to the pub dripping wet but smiling. Thanks very much to you and your team for your efforts and your professionalism”

Self-managed, custom-made treasure hunt for charity, London, NCVO National Council for Voluntary organisations


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Treasure Hunts for Charity & Fundraising Events

Charities and good causes are relying more and more on the goodwill of the public, local community, business volunteers and dedicated supporters to keep them going. We know. The majority of our own staff give of their time and talents to support good causes.

With so much competition for limited resources it means that raising funds or simply increasing the profile of your good cause can be a major challenge. Sometimes you need to come up with an innovative fund raising method to grab attention and get the support you need. X Marks The Spot™ provide fun treasure hunts that can help you raise money for that important project or charity.

How to use a treasure hunt for your fund raising campaign

Running a treasure hunt is a fun and novel way to raise cash to donate to your favourite charity, good cause, local school, hospice or preferred project.

The flexibility and inclusivity of treasure hunts make them suitable for all ages and abilities - which means more people can take part directly in your event.

By charging teams or individuals to participate and by getting sponsorship based on the number of clues correctly answered for example, it's an effective way to raise those much-needed donations.

Sometimes fundraisers are tempted to put together their own treasure hunt to 'keep costs down' and because 'it's not our money'. This is quite natural - yet in business, the same people when faced with a similar situation might choose to invest to get help from someone from outside (and it might still not be their money!)

Our experience suggests that designing and running your own treasure hunt on the cheap without the necessary skills and experience is a false economy. A professionally devised and run fundraising treasure hunt will attract more interest leaving your charity better off in net terms whereas the consequences of a poorly constructed and administered in-house event could actually do your charity more harm than good.

So be warned! - if you're really passionate about a charity or local project, then you may first have to convince your fellow charity supporters to get over the mental barrier of 'quickly knocking up' a treasure hunt yourselves. Convince others and you're half way to realising your fund raising goals.

Ready made treasure hunts in the UK & Europe

One option is to use one of our ready-made treasure hunts for your fundraising efforts. These are available in 40 locations across the UK and Europe, so there should be one quite close to you.

You can run the treasure hunt yourself to keep costs down and charge teams to take part. If you can pre-register teams then you should have a good idea as to how many team packs you need.

Supplement as appropriate by prize donations, company sponsorship, the good will of a local publican or venue where you can start or end the hunt, a raffle on the side and the sale of donated homemade food - and your charity or pet project could do quite well.

Custom made treasure hunts for charity and fund raising

Sometimes local efforts need local solutions.

Running a treasure hunt event in the community that will ultimately benefit from your fundraising efforts is a great way to get support. You're likely to gain local publicity and this should boost the number of entries and increase your good cause's profile too.

X Marks The Spot can devise a fund raising treasure hunt that:

We can also help with suggestions on the marketing of the event and the activities required beforehand and the logistics on the day including how you might use volunteers to keep your costs down.

Of course, the treasure hunt needn't be a one-off. Depending on your circumstances, a treasure hunt can be designed for re-use on another occasion or even ongoing use, thereby making your investment go further and increasing your fundraising potential.

Read more about MadeToMeasure® treasure hunts or contact us using the enquiry form on this page to find out how we can help you with your fundraising.

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