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London Natural History Museum Treasure Hunt
off-the-shelf self-run package

London Natural History Museum Treasure Hunt

London NHM ReadyCityGo®

£249 for 2 teams
Additional teams £80 each

(max 5 people per team)

Optional 'Branding' £30 one-off
Postage & Packing FREE*



The London Natural History Museum ReadyCityGo® Challenge is a fun, bite-sized way to explore the vast and fascinating museum that is unsurpassed when it comes to the natural world.

Add some friendly competition and you've got a novel all-weather activity for a hen party, stag weekend, group visit, birthday celebration, anniversary, social get-together or team building day out, especially if your budget is limited.

You don't need to be a boffin in botany, a guru in geology or a doctor in dinosaurs to enjoy this self-run treasure hunt (but if you are, that's fine). 'Overview' not 'Overload' means there is wide appeal for all and no-one should get bored.

Can your team be first to work out the best route around the museum, solve a cunning mixture of clues, puzzles, tasks and questions covering the exotic to the extinct, plants to planets and gems to gemsbok... then crack the final code?

The London Natural History Museum ReadyCityGo® Challenge is set up ready for you to run independently. The hunt's unique flexible format means that you can choose where to start and finish within the museum and how long you want to take - so that it fits with your schedule, your other activities and where you're staying or meeting.


Key features

  • Enjoy the Natural History Museum. See what's worth seeing in the finest museum dedicated to the natural world, and have fun doing it. The treasure hunt covers the permanent galleries and no admission charge applies.
  • Suitable year-round. The indoor venue makes this a year-round activity, whatever the weather.
  • Flexible. Start and end the hunt whenever and wherever you want within the museum and take as long as you want to fit your other plans. As the Museum is normally open daily from 1000-1750 including Sundays and Bank Holidays you've got lots of choice.
  • Compete or Stay together. Run a Natural History Museum Treasure Hunt in teams or do it as a group. 4 people per team is ideal - don't consider more than 5 people as everyone will not be able to share the clues and take part fully. You will need one pack per team.
  • Easy to run yourself. We provide some simple instructions, allowing the 'organiser' to take part too.
  • Everyone gets involved. A wide range of clues to suit all abilities.
  • Extend as you wish. Use your own imagination to add on some 'relevant' items to collect along the way or wacky photos to take to make it even more fun your group.
  • Make your event unique. Name your treasure hunt and provide a personal photo or company logo and we'll put these on the team packs for a small supplement.
  • Up-to-date. The Natural History Museum Treasure Hunt is researched in detail and regularly reviewed to keep it fresh, current and interesting.
  • Buy securely online. All major credit & debit cards accepted. We also take cheques.
  • Free delivery in the UK*. Each team pack contains a map and set of clues, plus we provide the instructions for the organiser and a set of sealed answers. Several delivery options are available including free UK postage as standard. Treasure hunts can also be despatched worldwide by Air Mail.There is a Fast Track option if you need to get your treasure hunt urgently.
  • Quality service and support. X Marks The Spot is only ever a phone call or email away before, during and after your London Natural History Museum treasure hunt.

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“We chose the Natural History Museum Treasure Hunt as our annual team building event as it sounded like a challenge, fun and educational – it was this and a lot more. By far, it was the best team building event I have ever participated in.”

Marketing & PR company,
City of London

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